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The Blueprint Learning Model

C.S. Lewis once said that when we have lost our way, the quickest way forward is usually to go home.  We here at Blueprint Learning are returning home.  We are interested in re-introducing classical instruction through our Reading, Writing and Spelling emphasis.

Pedagogues trained in classical instruction helped inspire famous men and women such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, William Shakespeare and Beatrix Potter. Most generations from the time period of the Greek and Roman rule were trained classically through the 1800's. We believe that you will find it refreshing to discover that classical education is simple yet profound.  It is a basic philosophy of teaching children in the ways they naturally want to be taught. When children are intrigued with the human tongue, we teach them language and grammar.  When they are ready to challenge our decisions we teach them logic. When they are interested in expressing themselves with passion, we teach them rhetoric. The Trivium subjects of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric are applied in tandem with the Orton-Gillingham principles and instruction.  Our instructors assure our clients' success in phonics, reading, spelling, writing and grammar practice using their knowlege of the Trivium.

Mastery of reading words, sentences and short narratives are taught simultaneously with spelling rules and spelling generalizations at the Grammar stage.  Blueprint emphasizes vocabulary knowledge by training the student "how to think" and to analyze the word structure using the word origin; thus offering meaning to a word they have not seen before. This would be instruction at the Logic stage along with learning tools to help master comprehension.  This instruction includes short narratives by Aesop and Homer along with Fairy tales written by various authors such as Beatrix Potter and A.A. Milne. These narratives are used as models for the students to enjoy and to emulate.  Once the Logic stage is clearly mastered the students move into the final stage of Rhetoric.  At this stage a student is instructed to write papers of opinion such as book reviews, editorials and persuasive papers. While discovering the essential elements to a good narrative, a student learns how to write one.

We aim to educate a child beyond the typical Magic Tree House books and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  We want to excite every child to love reading and devour classical pieces such as Doctor Dolittle, The Prince and the Pauper, The Magician's Nephew, Treasure Island and A Christmas Carol.  Your child will read modern works from J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan while experiencing Tales from the Odyssey.   They will discover different genres of literature and ultimately learn the type they most prefer. 

Allow Blueprint the opportunity to provide this type of instruction for your child and watch your child grow in all areas of  language arts.