Blueprint Learning
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Blueprint Learning was started in the year 2007. It started with the idea that every child is a unique learner and should have their own 'blueprint' for instruction. Not all students fit into the classroom model when learning to read, spell and write.  Some students need to be instructed at their own pace and in their own unique learning style.  The 'blueprint' instructional format was designed and has since been used successfully for each of our students.

Each year we have had great growth. We began with one instructor and one eager student to now employing multiple instructors.  As instructors we have sought after continued education to ensure we provide the best training possible.  Our clients come to us from public, private and home schooling arenas.  We have established ourselves with services including Testing and Assessments, Consulting Services and Seminars.  This enables us to create and manage a complete educational blueprint for each child.  We continue to chase after our goals of helping teachers understand the value of phonetic reading instruction and classical reading and writing principles by being involved in the local public and private schools. 

Blueprint Learning is excited to share not only our history with you but our future.  We aim to be involved wherever the doors may open into our community, district, region and our state.  We desire to be a positive influence in the lives of teachers, administrators, parents and most importantly students.  We are working so that all children may have the equal opportunity to be better readers and writers, thus giving them better motivation and opportunities.